Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Socrates' prayer

This passage is the conclusion to the Phaedrus of Plato. It's one of the most charming, most complete prayers ever uttered.

Socrates: Shouldn't we first offer a prayer?

Phaedrus: Of course.

Socrates: Dear Pan, and all you other gods who live here, grant that I may become beautiful within, and that whatever outward things I have may be in harmony with the spirit inside me. May I understand that it is only the wise who are rich, and may I have only as much money as a temperate person needs. -- Is there anything else that we can ask for, Phaedrus? For me, that prayer is enough.

Phaedrus: Make it a prayer for me too, since friends have all things in common.

Socrates: Let's be going.

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Lou Goulielmou said...

.... this needs a year analysis!! Wow!